Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The World's First Temple?

The Volume 61 Number 6, November/December 2008 issue of Archaeology, just off the press, has an article by Sandra Scham, entitled "The World's First Temple." An abstract of the article (with photos) can be found at:


It discusses the site of Göbekli Tepe near modern Urfa (ancient Edessa) in Turkey, not far north of the border with Syria. Additional information can be found at:



Bryce Haymond said...

Very cool. Here is a satellite view of the site.

Grandpa Enoch said...

Very nice photo of the site. Thanks!

Paul said...

I note that the interpretation on wikipedia states "In other words, as Klaus Schmidt put it: 'First came the temple, then the city.'" SoundS like exactly the sequence Nibley would have predicted.

Bryce Haymond said...
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Bryce Haymond said...

I wrote up a followup on TempleStudy.com about this with some of my observations. See here.