Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Temple Illustrations

The English Standard Version Study Bible (ESV) was recently published. It includes a number of very nice color illustrations of the Israelite tabernacle and temples based on designs by Leen Ritmeyer.


When you purchase the Bible you are given an access code which allows you to use their online materials, including nice digitized versions of the Temple illustrations.



Bryce Haymond said...

How does the ESV version stand up in comparison to other Bible translations in your opinion?

Grandpa Enoch said...

I haven't had a chance to look at the translation closely yet. There are extensive notes and introductory essays and cross references. The translation and notes are overtly Evangelical.

S.Faux said...

I purchased the ESV Study Bible a couple of weeks ago. I am generally well impressed with it. The translation strives for word for word accuracy. It is a literal translation as opposed to conceptual. The footnotes are detailed and generally very helpful.

I should give a word of warning, however. At the back of this massive book, they have a short section on "Cults," and, unfortunately, Mormons are listed and discussed. I found this very upsetting, and the entire section was counter to the otherwise fine scholarship found elsewhere in the book.

It is of interest to me that such writers feel like they need to defend against us, as if we LDS were anti-Bible. The reality is that I have benefited from ESV Study Bible, and I have found VERY little that would be against Mormonism. The exceptions would be their standard Trinitarian views and their small section on Cults.

I supposed I could nit-pick further, but overall I have found it to be a useful purchase. Some LDS might decide to boycott the book. I decided to keep the book because I cannot be in the business of reading only those books that agree with me.